List of All Material Culture Courses Approved for the Certificate

Core Courses (Required)

ANTHRO/ART HIST/DS/HISTORY/LAND ARC 264: Dimensions of Material Culture

ART HIST 563: Proseminar in Material Culture – Object Study: Enlightenment-Present

Approved Elective Courses


ANTHRO 212: Principles of Archaeology

ANTHRO 354: Archaeology of Wisconsin

ANTHRO 355: Archaeology of Eastern North American Anthropology

ANTHRO 370: Field Course in Archaeology

ANTHRO 391: Bones for the Archaeologist

ANTHRO 696: Archaeological Methods of Curation

Art History

ART HIST 305: History of Islamic Art and Architecture

ART HIST 307: Early Chinese Art: From Antiquity to the Tenth Century

ART HIST 308: Later Chinese Art: From the Tenth Century to Present

ART HIST 363: American Decorative Arts and Interiors: 1620-1840

ART HIST 364: History of American Art, 1607-present

ART HIST 413: Art and Architecture in the Age of the Caliphs

ART HIST 428: Visual Cultures of South Asia

ART HIST 457: History of American Vernacular Architecture and Landscapes

ART HIST 463: Material Culture and the Decorative Arts (MTS)

ART HIST 468. Frank Lloyd Wright

ART HIST 475: Japanese Ceramics and Allied Arts

ART HIST 478: Art and Religious Practices in Medieval Japan

ART HIST 506: Curatorial Studies Exhibition Practice

ART HIST 601 and 602: Introduction to Museum Studies

Design Studies

DS 360: Global Perspectives on Design

DS 420: Twentieth Century Design

DS 421: History of European Interiors

DS 422 History of Architecture and Interiors II: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

DS 430: History of Textiles

DS 642: Taste


FOLKLORE 320: Folklore of Wisconsin

FOLKLORE 439: Foodways

FOLKLORE 540: Local Culture and Identity in the Upper Midwest

FOLKLORE 639: Field School: Ethnography of Wisconsin Festivals


GEOG 305: Introductions to Cities

GEOG 342: Geography of Wisconsin

GEOG 508: Landscape and Settlement in the North American Past

History of Science

HIST SCI 222: Technology and Social Change in History

HIST SCI 337: History of Technology

Landscape Architecture

LAND ARC 260: History of Landscape Architecture

LAND ARC 677: Cultural Resource Preservation and Landscape History

Scandinavian Studies

SCAND ST 284: The Scandinavian Modern Phenomenon

SCAND ST 296/496: Scandinavian Heritage in America

SCAND ST 440: Scandinavian Folklore


THEATRE 327: History of Costume for the Stage

Cross Listed Courses

ART HIST/CLASSICS 300: Art and Archaeology of Ancient Greece

ART HIST/CLASSICS 304: Art and Archaeology of Ancient Rome

DS/FOLKLORE 355: History of Fashion, 1400-present

FOLKLORE/LIS 490: Field Methods and the Public Presentation of Folklore

FOLKLORE/ANTHROPOLOGY/MUSIC/THEATRE 539: The Folklore of Festivals and Celebrations

LIS/HISTORY/ART HIST 650: History of Books and Print Culture

HISTORY/JOURN 560: History of Mass Communication

DS/FOLKLORE 655: Comparative Studies of World Costume