Spring 2016 Material Culture Courses

Professor Department, Number, & Title Days and Times
Jonathan Kenoyer Anthropology 310, Archaeology of South Asia: Indus Civilization Tuesday and Thursday, 8-9:15 AM
Jonathan Kenoyer Anthropology 310, Archaeology of Technology and Trade Tuesday and Thursday, 11:00 AM-12:15 PM
Jonathan Kenoyer Anthropology 370, Field Course in Archaeology TBA
Henry Bunn Anthropology 391, Bones for the Archaeologist Tuesday and Thursday, 2:30-3:45 PM
Claire Wendland Anthropology 490 (Undergraduate Seminar), Archaeology of Migration Wednesday, 2:25-5:25 PM
Nam Kim Anthropology 490 (Undergraduate Seminar), Ancient Cities Wednesday, 1:20-3:50 PM
Danielle Benden Anthropology 696, Archaeological Methods of Curation TBA
Sarah Clayton Anthropology 942 (Archaeology Seminar), Theory in Archaeology Friday, 9-11:30 AM
Nicholas Cahill Art History 304 (704), Art & Archaeology of Ancient Rome Tuesday & Thursday, 8-9:15 AM
Preeti Chopra Art History 428, Visual Cultures of South Asia Monday & Wednesday, 2:30-3:45
Anna Andrzejewski Art History 468: Frank Lloyd Wright Wednesday, 5-7:30
Ann Smart Martin Art History 563 (863), Methods in American Material Culture Wednesday, 2:30-4:30
Elizabeth Hooper-Lane Design Studies 501, History of Design II Monday and Wednesday, 2:30-3:45
Elizabeth Hooper-Lane Design Studies 501, Survey of Interior Design Tuesday and Thursday, 2:30-3:45
Mark Nelson Design Studies 501, Material Culture of Contemporary Design Tuesday and Thursday, 2:30-3:45
Sarah Moore Geography 305, Introduction to the City Tuesday and Thursday, 2:30-3:45
Joseph Mason Geography 342, Geography of Wisconsin TBA (online)
Gail Brassard Theatre 327, History of Costume for the Stage Tuesday and Thursday, 11:00 AM-1:00 PM
James Greco Theatre 464, Costume Technology: Crafts Tuesday and Thursday, 9-10:45 AM
Gail Brassard Theatre 763, Costume Design III Monday and Wednesday, 11:00 AM-1:00 PM